Tree Care Steps you need to Consider

If you have planted tree perfectly then you are required to take some important steps to make sure then it grows perfectly as well. Following are some finest steps that you can follow to make sure the growth and nurturing of tree continues:


You have to make sure you are using mulches that are organic. The outcomes are that the health of tree will be perfect; root growth will be better, ensure necessary nutrients for the tree discourage vegetation and weed growth, normalize soil temperature and keep some moisture.


The trunk of the tree needs to be protected when there is a possibility of lawn mower damage or wind destruction. Get rid of wires (wire, rope or string) if there is a chance that wire may damage the tree. Save your tree from destruction by eradicating wires.

When to apply Fertilizer:

Do not use fertilizer excessively. It is a food of tree. You must use it after initial year only if needed. Use it on perimeter edge. Avoid planting flowers beneath trees. Fertilizer is not something you need to worry about. It is not must for trees.

Stop trees from being damaged:

If you need to keep trunks from being destroyed then keep string trimmers and lawn mowers away from the tree. Avoid using herbicide near your lawn and your tree.

Tree Watering:

Tree watering should be done on weekly basis or two times a week until your tree is meticulously grown (usually 1 to 2 years). You need your tree to create profound roots to assist it to defy famine and storm, so a slow drop of water is more useful than a fast spritz. Don’t fail to remember to let the ground tumble between water drops.


Trees must be trimmed after planting to take out dead, broken, diseased or damaged branches. Trim also to build up a nice branch structure as soon as the tree has become well-grown in its new dwelling, generally one to three years subsequent to planting. By no means, get rid of more than twenty-five percent of total plants in a single year.

Things to consider

ANSI A300 is a national standard of America. You have to follow it while getting work done by arborists. In this standard, the techniques of cutting, use of tools and trimming ways are mentioned. The arborists will have to follow all the standards to ensure quality work is being done and nothing is compromised. Estimates for trimming of trees must be made according to American Standards. Do not forget that bad pruning may reduce the tree life. After every tornado, you have checked whether pruning is required or not.

Things to Avoid:

Never trim unless it is important to do so. In growing time, do not get rid of greater than twenty-five percent of plants. Do not trim a newly planted tree for the primary year, unless you are getting rid of broken or dead branches. Don’t attempt a pruning work that needs a ladder work and chainsaw. Do not use climbing spikes

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